Altar Servers

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08.04.2022 serving a REGULAR SUNDAY MASS

07.14.2022 serving a REGULAR WEEKDAY MASS

07.14.2022 serving a FUNERAL MASS

07.16.2022 All About INCENSE

Future releases:
–How to Serve a Holy Hour (Exposition and Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament)
–How to serve a Four Server Mass (Incense, Cross, Candles)


Communications: Email and Flocknote
Mrs. Kathie Scott ( emails the schedule directly to the altar servers.
Fr. McCabe also sends a reminder through Flocknote (which comes via text and email).

Becoming an Altar Server
Q: Who can become an Altar Server?
A:  A practicing member of our parish who has received 1st Communion and is in 4th Grade or higher.
Q: When do new servers get started?
A:  We recruit and train at the beginning of the school year.  New recruits in our parish school will have training during school.  New recruits our PREP program have training sessions outside school hours.
Q:  How do new servers become expert and comfortable?
A:  Practice!


Special Ceremonies
40 Hours
First Communion
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
Ash Wednesday
Palm Sunday
Holy Thursday, Mass of the Lord’s Supper
Good Friday
Easter Sunday
May Crowning
Corpus Christi