Altar Servers

PENDING BUSINESS, updated 04.01.2023
Want to volunteer to SUB?  Want to call DIBS on serving a future Mass?
RESPONSE is KEY–first come, first serve!  Email Fr. McCabe and/or Kathie Scott:

Palm Sunday on April 1st/2nd.  RED CAPEY THINGS.
4:30pm Saturday vigil Mass BMcDonough, GRoken
7am Sunday Mass LQuinn, AWang
9am Sunday Mass FFaria, DCrossen, Mick Hanes
11am Sunday Mass JPapaleo, NBeidman, RO’Connor, PLuz, FWalsh
7pm Sunday Mass DHellwarth, HELP NEEDED

(NO HOLY HOUR on April 5th.)

Holy Thursday April 6th.  YELLOW CAPEY THINGS.
7pm Mass of the Lord’s Supper
GRoken, BMcDonough, LQuinn, AWang, RO’Connor, DCrossen, CDiPasquale, IDiPasquale, DHellwarth, AWalsh
1st Practice on Friday, March 31st: in-school practice for Holy Thursday 7pm MoLS.  Servers, report to the MAIN OFFICE at 12:00 noon.  I will meet you there.
2nd Practice at 10:00 am on Holy Thursday

11pm Night Prayer NO servers needed…but it’s really cool.  (AWang is signed up to be there.)

Good Friday April 7th.
3pm Service of the Passion  CDiPasquale, IDiPasquale, NBeidman, FFaria  (DCrossen available as backup)
7pm Tenebrae AWang, DCrossen, BMcDonough, AWalsh plus 2 SERVERS NEEDED
Tuesday, April 4th: in-school practice for Good Friday 3pm Passion Service AND 7pm Tenebrae.  Servers, report to the MAIN OFFICE at 12:00 noon.  I will meet you there.

Holy Saturday April 8th.  YELLOW CAPEY THINGS.
8pm Easter Vigil LOTS of SERVERS NEEDED
MScott (pending), SScott, BMcDonough, AWang, RO’Connor, DCrossen, MCrossen, GRoken, AWalsh
Wednesday, April 5th: 12:00 Noon after-school practice for Holy Saturday 8pm Easter Vigil.  Servers, report to the MAIN OFFICE at 12:00 noon.  I will meet you there.  Yes, even though school lets out at noon.

Easter Sunday April 9th.  YELLOW CAPEY THINGS.
7:00am CDiPasquale, IDiPasquale plus 2 SERVERS NEEDED
9:00am FFaria, DCrossen, MCrossen, BTrins 
11:00am JPapaleo, NBeidman, AWang plus 1 SERVER NEEDED
THERE IS NO 7pm Mass on Easter Sunday!

Communications: Email and Flocknote
Mrs. Kathie Scott ( emails the schedule directly to the altar servers.
Download the app, find yourself on stmattsmayfair.flocknote in the Altar Servers GROUP.  Double check your contact info.  You will receive Altar Server news and reminders through this app via text and/or email.
If you need a substitute to cover a Mass you are scheduled to serve, send an email/message to Kathie Scott and to Fr. McCabe, “Can anyone cover…?”

Becoming an Altar Server
Q: Who can become an Altar Server?
A:  A practicing member of our parish who has received 1st Communion and is in 4th Grade or higher.
Q: When do new servers get started?
A:  We recruit and train at the beginning of the school year.  New recruits in our parish school will have training during school.  New recruits in our PREP program have training sessions outside school hours.

Becoming an EXPERT Altar Server
Q:  How do new servers become expert and comfortable?
A:  Practice!  Ask Kathie Scott to schedule you MORE.  Serve Weekday Masses (and remember there’s Saturday too).  Volunteer for special ceremonies.  Review!  You are always welcome to ask Fr. McCabe to meet you after a particular Mass to go over things you know and learn new things too.

Need to update your Availability to serve Masses?
New seasons, news sports and activities…your calendar changes.  To update your Mass preferences and availability for serving, complete the form below and email it to Fr. McCabe ( or Mrs. Scott (

Special Ceremonies
Family Masses
Feast of St. Matthew
40 Hours (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday)
All Saints’ Day
Immaculate Conception
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
First Communion
Ash Wednesday
Palm Sunday
Holy Thursday, Mass of the Lord’s Supper
Good Friday, 3:00 Passion service
Good Friday, Tenebrae
Easter Vigil
Easter Sunday
May Crowning
Corpus Christi