Three cheers for VOLUNTEERS!

All parish volunteers need clearances, in fulfillment of our committment to providing a safe environment.
Some folks WANT to do more for the parish but find the idea of getting clearances daunting.  We might envision complicated forms, long waits in line, and such.  Actually, obtaining clearances is QUICK and EASY.
Complete information about the clearances (and renewals) required for employees and volunteers can be found at:

For St. Matt’s Parish volunteers, here is a summary:

1–EVERY volunteer must obtain a PA State Police Criminal Record Check.  Save and print your results.  Provide a copy to St. Matt’s.




2–EVERY volunteer must obtain a PA Child Abuse History Clearance.
  Save and print your results.  Provide a copy to St. Matt’s.




3–IF you have lived in PA for LESS THAN 10 YEARS, then you need an FBI Fingerprint Clearance.
Parish volunteers, when you are making your appointment, use this code: 1KG6ZJ.
(School teachers and staff use the code 1KG6TR.)
(School volunteers use the code 1KG6Y3.)
Our nearby Identigo location is Mayfair Hub, 7201 Frankford Ave.  After you are fingerprinted, your results will come to YOU in the MAIL.  Provide the original or a printed copy to St. Matt’s.





4–IF you have lived in PA for 10 YEARS OR MORE, then you need a Disclosure Statement Application.  Print and sign the form available below.  Have a witness sign it as well.  (Need a witness?  St. Matt’s would be glad to witness to you!)  Provide the completed form to St. Matt’s.





5–Safe Environment Training, Parts 1 AND 2.
Part 1: Protecting God’s Children.  This is a classroom component.  Register here.
Part 2: Mandated Reporter Training.  This is an online component.  Click here to log in and begin training.

6–Clearances must be renewed every 5 YEARS.