I need help planning a Funeral

Prayer service (not a Mass):

We can have one to three readings. It’s a lot like the first half of a Mass.
If we have ONE reading (which I would read in the service) it would be a Gospel passage.
If we have TWO readings, they would be the Gospel plus either an Old or a New Testament passage.
If we have THREE readings, there would be an Old Testament 1st Reading, a New Testament 2nd Reading and the Gospel.
There are options to choose from.
Options for an Old Testament 1st Reading:
Options for a New Testament 2nd Reading:
Options for the Gospel reading:
There’s an easy way to get this figured out.  If you tell me how many readings you want (1, 2 or 3) and send me some thoughts to help me get to know your brother a bit, I can suggest readings. 
Don’t let this be a chore for you.  Once again, I invite you to be as involved as you want.  St. Matthew Parish wants to make this as gentle as possible on you.